A Recent Breast Augmentation Patient Had This To Say:

Dr. Zemmel gave me all the information that I needed to make the decision for Augmentation. Even down to what type of mammogram I could have after my procedure. He saw me before the surgical procedure and after and also called me @ home the night of my procedure to make sure I was doing alright.

My life has changed for the better.  Dr Zemmel help me realize a dream I had for over 20 years.

My husband loves my new body and I look great.  

A Recent Happy Patient Had This To Say:

Hi Dr. Zemmel, I wanted to say happy holidays to you and the staff. I also wanted to take this time to say thank you for a very successful procedure. I am extremely pleased with my breast implants and my abdominoplasty. Each day I become more excited with the way in which my clothes fit. My procedure was just as you explained and the instructions that you provided prior to my surgery really prepared me for my care post-operatively. It is a pleasure to be able to wear the style of clothing that I wore before having children especially after a c-section and 9 ½ lbs babies. My curves are all in the right place. My body is beautiful, yet it does not look un-natural. My husband is extremely please and says that my breasts are beautiful and that he could not have imagined them looking any better. I also wanted to say thank you to the staff for being professional and patient in answering all of my questions. I am happy that I took the time to have this procedure, but most of all I am happy to have had you as my surgeon. You level of professionalism help me to make the right decisions and as a result of this I now have a beautiful body (flat abdomen and youthful breast) again.

A Recent Nasal Reconstruction Patient Said:

I couldn’t be more pleased with the result of the surgery on my nose that was done by Dr. Zemmel and his capable staff. I had a fairly large basal cell carcinoma and had Mohs Surgery to remove it. This left a very scary hole on the side of my nose. It’s now been only two months since the surgery and my nose looks perfectly normal. You can barely see the scar!

A Recent Thanks From A Happy Mom And Wife:

After having two c-sections in my late 30’s, my body had completely changed. I had a belly hanging over my stomach with ugly stretch marks. I would hate to go shopping for new clothes because nothing would look nice. I met with Dr. Zemmel, he was attentive to all my concerns. He explained everything in detail and assured me that I would be very happy with my results.

I know I made the right decision in choosing my doctor, he is the best. Both my husband and I are extremely happy with my results. I can now wear clothes and tight jeans again, that I was not able to wear in years. Thanks to Dr. Zemmel I look and feel great.

Thanks again!

A Recent Breast Augmentation Patient Said:

…After nursing 2 children, my previously youthful breasts were left very soft, flat and pendulous.  Dr. Zemmel took a considerable amount of time to understand how I was feeling about myself. He also was very patient in hearing what I wanted my breasts to look like.  After a lift and implants, he delivered exactly what I wanted! I am thrilled with the fullness, and size of my breasts now. They look and feel very natural with or without clothing.  After following his post-op orders precisely, my recovery was very quick and I had minimal bruising. It was worth every dime!!!

A Recent Abdominplasty Patient Said:

…Lots of loose skin and some stretch marks was what I had leftover from 2 deliveries.  Working out and dieting was not getting rid of the extra skin that had been stretched from pregnancy weight gains.  Today, I have the “six pack” that I had always worked so hard for! Not only did Dr. Zemmel remove the excess skin, he also tightened my abdominal muscles to give me a very smooth and “tight” look!  He told me that it would look “great” and that was an understatement! My abs look awesome! Dr. Zemmel took the time to hear my concerns about my body. He was able to take his skills and literally shape my abdominal area into something spectacular.  I never thought that I would get back into a bikini. Thanks to Dr. Zemmel, I am!

A Recent Browlift Patient Said:

…Dr. Zemmel promised me that I would look years younger after having an upper and lower lift.  He was right! I am still getting compliments on “youthful” look!